Blazer Industries is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our buildings are proudly made in the USA!

Residential Projects

As seen in our project gallery, Blazer has built some really great residential projects! We have been fortunate to work with some very talented architects who have great vision and understanding of modular building techniques.

S ince our primary focus is on the commercial market, we are very selective in the residential work we do. We are always open to discussing potential projects and new opportunities. Below are several things to consider when researching modular as an option.


  • The residential work we do is built to the current International Building Code (IBC) which differentiates “modular houses” from “manufactured homes”. Manufactured homes are built to the HUD building code which has different building standards and requirements. Modular construction follows the same code (IBC) as traditional (site built) construction.
    Since we are a custom builder, we do not have an inventory of houses or plans to choose from.
  • Modular construction is not a “less expensive” option. In fact, the opposite is often true. When working on a budget for your project, you need to keep in mind that the following items will be additional costs:
    • Transportation of module(s) from factory to your site
    • Crane
    • Setting and closeup of modules (moving from the crane to the foundation)
  • Unfortunately, not all banks or financial institutions understand the modular building process, or that it is different than that of a HUD built manufactured home. This can make the financing side of your project more challenging than expected.

While some of the above items may seem negative, we do not want to dissuade you from pursuing modular as an option. Our intent is simply to be open with some of the issues that can arise so there are fewer surprises down the road. Despite some of these issues, modular is still an excellent option.

Now for some positive things to note in regards to modular construction.


  • Modular construction is awesome!
  • Modular construction is a more sustainable way to build.
  • Modular construction is quicker than traditional construction. One day you have a foundation, and the next….a house! This is good for both occupancy and return on investment purposes.
  • Modular construction allows for less site disturbance which can make neighbors happy.
  • Modular construction is often the only (or best) option for remote or areas where construction labor and/or materials are obstacles.

If you are interested in talking further to us about utilizing modular construction for your residential project, please reach out to us to discuss further. We may talk to you about working together, or may refer you to another modular builder better suited for your project in relation to the project location, scope or availability.

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