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Wonderful College Prep, Delano Preschool,              Lost Hills Charter School

1 Design, 3 Campuses

About the Project

This school district needed more classroom space, and needed it fast. We worked with them to come up with a design that could easily be expanded upon to provide flexibility amongst a variety of needs. The first built was a 29,079 sf charter school located in Delano, California which was ready to occupy for the 2018-2019 school year. This campus housed (27) classrooms. The campus is in a courtyard setting so the students and teachers are able to utilize the weather and outdoor green spaces throughout each day. The 2nd complex was a 21,168 sf STEM, Music and Art school located in Lost Hills, California which housed (24) classrooms. The 3rd complex was a 6,224 sf preschool also located in Delano, California which housed (4) classrooms. The 2nd and 3rd projects were ready to occupy for the 2019-2020 school year. 

All three projects utilized the same design, but in different configurations. This allowed for a distinct and consistent look for the district as well as a more efficient and cost-effective way to build the projects. Variances to each design included color schemes, general layout of each pod of classrooms and connecting exterior green spaces. In all, these projects added (55) classrooms to the district within a period of 18 months.

LOCATION: Delano, California                                                                                  TYPE: Wonderful College Prep Academy                                                            SIZE: 29,079 sf, 42-module Kindergarten and Elementary School

LOCATION: Lost Hills, California                                                                                                              TYPE: Lost Hills Charter School                                                                                                           SIZE: 21,168 sf, 32-module STEM, Music & Art School

LOCATION: Delano, California                                                                        TYPE: Delano Preschool                                                                                                          SIZE: 6,224 sf, 10-module Preschool 

Current Projects

Sage Classroom

An ongoing effort to provide the best classroom education environment for our community.

Education Complexes

The modular portion of the house was comprised of 6 modules and a variety of modular panels.

Concrete Block Building

This is not your typical modular classroom. This is a whole school campus with modular construction.

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