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Tesla Stem High School

74,344 sf / 161 Modules in Redmond, Washington

About the Project

Often times, a great project is the result of great timing. This project came to us at the right time, and our client had over 20 years of experience working with us. We had built 2-story projects, but not to this scale so we were excited to be given the opportunity to expand our capabilities.

This project is a great example of just how beneficial modular construction can be. In March, the site was just dirt. In November, there was a full school campus in place. There was still site work to be done prior to occupancy, but typical campuses of this size take 1 or 2 years at a minimum to get to the point this project was after only 8 months. Along with the benefit of a shorter time frame was that the building was able to remain dry throughout construction. The ability to have a weather tight structure in place prior to the cold and wet Washington winter allowed the building to start off “healthier” than that of a structure being open to the weather during construction. 

Due to the size of the project and the time frame the client needed to prep the site, we built the project in 2 phases. We built 109 of the modules April through July, and the remaining 53 modules left our factory by the 1st of October. This allowed for smooth delivery and staging of the modules on site. In total, the modular portion of the campus was 74,344 square feet.
There was a small portion of the project that was built on site due to size constraints. The modules were comprised of both volumetric modules and roof modules which allowed for additional height for the structure as a whole. Height is a constraint to utilizing modular construction due to transportation restrictions, but there are always options as proven in this project.
This is not your typical modular classroom.
This is a whole school campus, and is a great example of the use of modular construction in the education market!

Current Projects

Sage Classroom

An ongoing effort to provide the best classroom education environment for our community.

Education Complexes

The modular portion of the house was comprised of 6 modules and a variety of modular panels.

Concrete Block Building

This is not your typical modular classroom. This is a whole school campus with modular construction.

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