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What Is A SAGE Classroom?

The SAGE classroom project was conceived by faculty and students at Portland State University to explore options for classroom space needs typically filled by the use of portable classrooms. Portable classrooms had long had a negative reputation, and typically were not something teachers, students or parents wanted on their campuses. However, there has been a continual need for additional space. A solution had to be out there, and it came in the form of a better designed classroom: SAGE.

Blazer joined the team of collaborators early on in the design phase of the project to offer knowledge and expertise in regards to modular parameters and building code in relation to efficiencies in the manufacturing portion of the project.

Pacific Mobile joined the team, and committed to being the distributor for the SAGE classroom. Pacific Mobile handles all aspects of the project from initial request through completion on site while working together with Blazer and PSU on elements of the design.

The SAGE classroom features enhanced natural daylighting, improved air quality and increased ceiling height in addition to a more aesthetically pleasing exterior design. Additional features such as ceiling fans to circulate the air, LED light fixtures, cork board wall coverings, exposed ducting and additional windows make the interior space more inviting and functional. The “look” of the SAGE classroom fits in well with existing school campus buildings.

Blazer built the first prototype for Pacific Mobile which was featured in November of 2012 at the Greenbuild show in San Francisco. The prototype was then moved to its current location at Pacific Mobile’s headquarters in Chehalis, Washington.

Since it’s inception, the SAGE design has grown from basic single and double classroom modules into options for complexes and additional configurations specific to each individual school’s needs and space limitations.

Blazer, PSU, and Pacific Mobile continue to work toward the continual development and improvement of the SAGE classroom. As building codes and space needs change, so do materials, components and features of the design. Blazer, PSU and Pacific Mobile are all dedicated to providing modular solutions for school that are sustainable, efficient and buildings teachers, students, parents and community members are proud to have in their district.

Current Projects

Sage Classrooms

An ongoing effort to provide the best classroom education environment for our community.

Education Complexes

The modular portion of the house was comprised of 6 modules and a variety of modular panels.

Concrete Block Buildings

This is not your typical modular classroom. This is a whole school campus with modular construction.

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