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SAGE – Central Kitsap Project

Silverdale, WA                                                                                                           7,540 sf                                                                                                                          5 classroom complex / 11 modules

About the Project

The Central Kitsap project was the first education complex built utilizing the SAGE design.  The building consists of 11 modules.  In all, there are 5 classrooms, a “flex area”, and restrooms for students and staff.  Each room is connected by a central internal hallway which features a 15’ open ceiling the full length of the building.  We were able to achieve a 15’ ceiling utilizing modular construction as a result of 3 separate roof modules featuring 28 clerestory windows, open beams and ceiling fans to allow for natural light and added air circulation.

Current Projects

Sage Classroom

An ongoing effort to provide the best classroom education environment for our community.

Education Complexes

The modular portion of the house was comprised of 6 modules and a variety of modular panels.

Concrete Block Building

This is not your typical modular classroom. This is a whole school campus with modular construction.

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