Blazer Industries is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our buildings are proudly made in the USA!

Our Residential Modular Building Projects

We are very selective about any residential work we take on. Please contact us if you are interested, and we will discuss whether or not your project is something that is a good fit for us both.
TNG House in Menlo Park / 144 sf

TNG House

Taylor House in Los Altos Hills, CA / 2610 sf, 6 modules

Taylor House

Studio 101 Harrington Site / 1560 sf, 2 modules

Studio 101

Residence in Sonoma, CA

Sonoma Residence

Scholvinck in Kenwood, CA / 3296 sf, 5 modules-Kenwood,-CA-2010.

Scholvinck House

Hermitage House in Big Sur, CA / 1737 sf, 4 Modules

Hermitage House

Bruyne House in Cle Elum, WA / 2750 sf, 5 modules

Bruyne House

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