Blazer Industries is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our buildings are proudly made in the USA!

What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is a technique in which a building is built in pieces (modules) in a controlled environment, and then shipped to the site for final assembly and completion.

Modules Make Sense

Minimal site disturbance.
Reduced project time frame.

Who wouldn’t want these things?

Modular building in the hills of California, USA.

Two Kinds of Modular

There are two main types of modular construction: panelized and volumetric. Blazer builds volumetric modular buildings which means that each module is a complete “box”, and has a floor, walls and a ceiling/roof. Panelized typically means that only walls and/or roof panels are provided and the remaining components of the building are site-built. Both panelized and volumetric modular have value and importance in the modular industry, but each type represents a different scope of work which affects the amount of work needed to be done to complete the building(s) on site. In addition, there are a variety of levels of completion for each project. Some of this is determined by the individual project, and what is most efficient, and some is determined by what the manufacturer is willing to include in their scope. Blazer’s business model is to provide as much work in the factory as possible, and with what is most efficient for each particular project. Blazer buildings typically are around 95-99% complete in the factory so the only site work required is the setting, closeup and associated finish work along with typical utility connections and work outside the building portion of the project.

Quality First

Most of those associated with the modular method of construction feel modular is a superior way to build. The regulations are high, and there are additional structural requirements in order to sustain the transportation and assembly on site. In order to fit correctly on site, the modules need to make it to the site in the same condition they left the factory. Quality varies by manufacturer, by region, by State specific code requirements and by the materials selected for each project. Modular construction is an excellent way to build!

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