Blazer Industries is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our buildings are proudly made in the USA!

The Blazer Process

We work hard to make the construction of each project as seamless as possible.

Seeing a project through from start to finish—from the design phase to the completed structure–allows us to take great pride in our work as we bring your project to life. 

We have spent nearly 50 years fine tuning our processes, developing standards, and ensuring we evolve with the industry.

The Gist Of It


The preliminary phase of the project is critical, and typically where the most time is spent. We draw and engineer each project based upon current building code and structural requirements.

Precise Construction

We take great pride in the work we do, and have created standards within our company to ensure each module fits together properly during construction in our factory so we can be sure it will fit once on site.

Punctual Delivery

Keeping a schedule and meeting deadlines is a top priority for us. 

Tell Us About Your Project

Want a quote?  With the Blazer process and modular construction in general, it takes much more than the click of a button to generate a quote for your project. In order to see if we are the right fit for your needs, please submit a project inquiry form. 

1. Planning & Permits

Pre-planning is an important part of any construction project. Due to the nature of modular construction, everything needs to be determined prior to the start of fabrication. While the construction portion of a project is somewhat faster due to site work being completed simultaneously with the modules being built, modular is still held to the same preliminary design, approval process, and building codes as site-built construction. 

2. Preliminary Work

Blazer submits preliminary drawings to the client for approval. Once approved, we finalize the drawings, engineer the building, and send the drawings to the state(s) in which the building will be set for approval of drawings. This length of this process varies based on the project.

3. State Submittals

Each project is designed and engineered to meet the current building code applicable to the project. Blazer submits the plans to the State in which it will be located, and construction of the modules cannot begin until approved plans are received. In addition, local approvals and permits must be obtained to ensure the building complies with City codes.

We’re here to help throughout the process.

4. Construction Begins

Once approvals are received, the building can be constructed in the factory. Production times vary but range from 2–16 weeks (depending on the size and complexity of the project). State inspections will take place multiple times throughout the process.

During this time, all site prep can be done so the modules can be placed as soon as they are complete and delivered.

5. Final Delivery

Once on site, the modules are set, all mate lines are finished, and utilities are hooked up. The building will receive a final inspection prior to occupancy. Rigorous inspection and thorough preparation are pivotal for this big day. With everything in place, we finally get to see all the hard work come together.

In Summary

Blazer’s scope typically involves only the preliminary and modular construction portions of the project. This includes the drawings, engineering, state submittals, and factory production of the module(s).

Transportation, site prep, foundation work, setting of the modules, building closeup, final finish work, connection to utilities, landscaping, local building permitting, and site inspections are the responsibility of the client through a general contractor. We work directly with a select group of contractors experienced in the modular industry. This way, we can focus solely on the construction of the modules.

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