Blazer Industries is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our buildings are proudly made in the USA!

The Blazer Advantage


Modular projects are faster because site prep can occur at the same time as the modular construction. This reduces the time to final occupancy, and allows for a quicker return on investment.


Modular building costs are not necessarily less than traditional construction. The buildings are built to the same code, utilize the same materials and labor and have similar preliminary work. There are also additional costs to modular construction which include transportation and set costs. Cost savings are typically found in savings due to the reduced construction time period.


Due to the building design, modular buildings are able to be disassembled, relocated and reconfigured as future needs change.


Modular construction produces less waste which allows for more efficient material usage. In addition, the workforce in a manufacturing environment is more efficient than that of a typical work site.

Built Dry

Modular buildings are built in a climate controlled environment.


Modular buildings are built to the International Building Code (IBC), and are held to the same standards as site built construction. Plans are approved by both State and Local agencies, and in-plant inspections by State inspectors are part of the manufacturing process.

Tell Us About Your Project


Good Buildings Start With Good Bones

Every floor, wall and roof is built against a steel straight edge and then cross-measured to verify it is square. Straight and square components make a straight and square building.

Blazer has certified lumber graders on staff that carefully choose the lumber for the framing of each building. The framing members are cut on a computer-controlled component saw so that they are exactly the same length. We understand that if we expect the building to fit together properly on site, the framework must be precise.

Fit & Finish

We’re On The Level

Every Blazer module is laser-leveled prior to starting the interior and exterior finish work. Modules are bolted together the same as they would be on site to ensure that everything fits together perfectly once the building arrives on site. This allows a smooth set and finish of the modules, and greatly minimizes rework costs on site.

Our modules do not move on an assembly line which allows our team to finish each building without the pressure of having to “move the line”.


Lean and Green!

There are many organizations that talk about sustainability. At Blazer we practice what we preach. Our core philosophy is centered around lean manufacturing, sustainable products, and recycling and waste management. We strive for 0% waste (although we have a ways to go), and our recycling efforts have earned us several awards.

Some examples of sustainable building materials that we work with are listed below:

  • FSC certified wood products
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Non or low VOC paints and adhesives
  • Water saving plumbing fixtures
  • LED lighting
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Energy star appliances
  • Cotton & spray foam insulation
  • Linoleum
  • Paperstone
  • Solatube
  • and much, much more…

We are not limited to the products “we know”, and are willing to explore and/or try new materials. We firmly believe in buying local as much as possible. More information about our commitment to sustainable product and construction methods is available upon request. The level of “green” products used (aside from Blazer standard materials), and LEED or other certification is always an option for our buildings, but is based upon what the customer wants. It is our hope that most customers want to be as sustainable as possible, and we understand that budgets do not always allow for all that may be desired.

Moisture Control

Keeping the Envelope Sealed

To avoid water intrusion through the building envelope, Blazer pays special attention to all roofing, siding, window and door details. In addition to the flashing and building wrap required by code, we provide additional flexible and/or metal flashing to exterior corners, windows, doors and the bottom of walls to ensure a dry structure.

Water can be extremely damaging both in terms of structural and health concerns. Since our company is in the Pacific Northwest, we understand the importance of “keeping water out” of a building.


Making It Happen

Let us put our many years of combined experience in modular design to work for you. Our innovation and determination to build a great product has allowed us to build many amazing projects.

We understand modular construction, and how buildings need to be constructed to sustain transport, and the various obstacles that inevitably arise during a construction project. Our design team includes licensed professional engineers, professional drafters, and project managers that are eager to help bring your design to reality.

Customer Service

For Us… It’s a People Thing

Blazer is committed to providing outstanding customer service. We are proud of the long term relationships we have with our customers, and we are dedicated to go the extra mile to ensure confidence in Blazer. We have the expertise and experience to provide innovative, timely, accurate and reliable information and solutions.

We value the relationships we have established over the years with our many customers, vendors and employees. These relationships are the foundation of what sets Blazer apart! This allows us to focus on doing what we do best: build an exceptional product.

Whether you need information from one of our engineers, project managers, licensed electricians or plumbers, or simply have a general question you can be assured you will receive prompt and friendly assistance. We are equipped with a team who has a vast knowledge of both general construction, and with Blazer modular construction methods. We will do what we can to assist and guide you in the right direction.


Flexible, Capable, Adaptable

We pride ourselves in offering versatility when it comes to the different types of projects we can build. Blazer is open to new methods, designs and types of structures we will build. It is exciting to be able to try something new, and we always come out of it with something more we can offer our customers.

We utilize wood framed, steel framed, concrete floors, masonry walls – whatever the customer wants. If presented with a concept that could be too costly to build as designed, we will work with the customer to find alternate solutions that meet their needs. Versatility is one thing that keeps our company moving forward, and also a way to continually expand the skills of our workforce.

In addition, we have a commitment to keep our company strong, and to be a dependable and consistent solution for our customers.

Level of Completion

Not “Just A Box”

The majority of projects we do are 95% complete in the factory. This means that the only work needed to be complete on site is the setting of the modules, mod-line closeup and final utility hookup. We work with our client to determine the factory vs site scope of work on each project. We consider time, efficiency, and cost effectiveness when determining what gets done in the factory vs on site.

We work together with our customers to determine the level of finish needed for each particular project.

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