Blazer Industries is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our buildings are proudly made in the USA!

About Blazer Industries

Blazer Industries, Inc. is a privately held, family owned and operated modular building manufacturing company. Blazer has grown steadily to become a trusted leader and innovator in the modular building industry.

What We Do

Modular Construction

Blazer is the largest commercial modular building manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

Custom Build

Blazer is a custom builder.


Blazer is always interested and open to discussing new ideas, products and markets.

Growing Business


Growing Business

Throughout the years, Blazer has worked within a number of markets in order to meet demand for modular projects, and to determine whether or not specific markets were viable to Blazer’s business model. This allowed them to expand their capabilities which proved beneficial to all the markets they served.


New Facility

The demand for Blazer buildings eventually led to a need for increased capacity. In 1993, the entire operation was moved from Silverton to Aumsville, Oregon.


Focused on Quality

Blazer’s primary focus remains in the education and office building markets, but their ability to include retail, restaurant, public restrooms, medical clinics, guard shacks and more allows them to continue to be a part of one of the greatest ways to build.

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Our Mission & Why We Do It.

Our mission is to create a great place to work. We strive to create a stable, healthy and safe environment for our team. In doing this, we innately will provide a better product and better service to our customers. For us, it all starts with our team.

Our focus remains on the commercial building market. We work to continually develop and improve our existing construction processes and products, and look for new ways to expand our offerings into complementary products that serve our customers well.

The modular industry is fascinating. Each day presents new challenges along with new opportunities. We enjoy the variety, and the ability to tackle new things.

“Blazer has been exceptional in taking care of needs and expectations of Rogue. I sure appreciate your hard work and endless time answering questions and gathering details for us. It was truly a great experience.”
Christi McGonigal
Facilities and Construction Manager
Rogue Credit Union

945 Olney St.
P.O. Box 489 (Mail Only)
Aumsville, Oregon 97325 USA