Many people ask me how we chose this business. Well, I really see it as “it chose us”. It is actually an interesting story.


In 1975, the State of Oregon passed a law requiring full flush toilets and warm water hand washing facilities on construction jobs valued at $500,000 or more. At the time, we owned and operated a small portable toilet company, Cascade Toilets. As a result of the new law, we knew that we would need to provide mobile restroom buildings for our customers. We first investigated sources of supply, but no one was willing to build to the specs we wanted. We then made the decision to build a building ourselves. In turn, we saw this as an opportunity to start a new venture. The concept was to start a separate business that would build mobile restrooms and sell them Cascade Toilets who would in turn, lease them to contractors.


In January of 1976, Blazer Industries officially began as a sole proprietorship in Silverton, Oregon. (The name "Blazer" was chosen simply because we owned a black Chevrolet Blazer at the time.) With the help of a friend (and his barn), we built our first mobile restroom building, and sold it to Cascade Toilets. By the end of 1976, 22 single wide restroom buildings of varying sizes were built and sold. Most of the buildings were sold to Cascade Toilets, but a few were purchased by a leasing company out of California.
In 1977 we began building office trailers for a leasing company in Portland. Soonafter, we built a 6000 square foot building for production on our Silverton property. Blazer manufactured and sold 26 floors in 1977. All were singlewides except for one 24x60 doublewide office building.
In 1978 we purchased additional property, and 2 buildings adjacent to our Silverton property. Blazer Industries was incorporated in 1978.


By the end of 1980, only 4 years after the company began, almost 300 modules had been built, and a steady customer base was in place.
As the years went on, the demand for modular buildings continually grew. In 1982, a new 18,000 square foot building was constructed in Silverton, Oregon. Also in 1982, we sold Cascade Toilets, and focused solely on building modular buildings.


Blazer had built over 3000 buildings, employed over 150 people and outgrew our Silverton facility. Space was urgently needed to expand the company, and to meet the demand for modular buildings. In 1993, we moved part of our operation to a vacant plant in Aumsville, Oregon. We operated in both Silverton and Aumsville until the Aumsville plant was renovated and fully operational. In 1995, all of our modular manufacturing was moved to Aumsville and we began manufacturing wall panels in our Silverton plant which we loaded into cargo containers and shipped via barge to Japan. Several years later, we sold the Silverton property and all Blazer operations were at our Aumsville facility.


In 2002, Blazer began building concrete block restroom buildings. Dramatically different from the restroom buildings we began building in 1976, these buildings required more space, an even more controlled temperature for proper curing and additional cranes. In 2006, a new facility was constructed on our Aumsville property to build the concrete block buildings, and other "specialty" products such as Michelle Kaufmann designed residential buildings, Starbucks drive-through restaurants, and Fast Lube Automotive buildings.
In 2007 and due to a large increase in demand for modular buildings, we purchased a building nearby in Stayton, Oregon, and opened a second manufacturing facility. This is where we are currently housing our residential division.


Since 1976, over 17,000 modules have been built by Blazer Industries. Our company has grown tremendously; not only in the quantity produced, but in the standards developed and diversity of what we can and will produce. Due to our highly skilled employee’s vast knowledge of construction, and our interest in innovation, Blazer is able to build a wide array of buildings.

We look forward to many more years of modular construction!